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What is an Amazon token? How does it work? How do you get it?

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Amazon has an eco-system whereby developers can interact with the Amazon system to extract information from your seller central account.

An Amazon token is an alpha numeric code that is generated by Amazon upon request and upon validation of the developers Amazon ID. Amazon tokens are unique for each developer and are limited for a period of 12 months (therefore needs to be renewed). These are used in software that needs to interact with the Amazon Seller Central Account on behalf of the seller

Usually you may access your seller account by logging in and performing all the tasks after logging in; however, there are many more functions that you can perform using the information in your seller central account.

Amazon Token

Some of these are:

1. Order Management where you extract the data from the Amazon system and put it in your order management system for merchant fulfilled orders

2. Analysis of data from your seller central information base to help you with inventory management, forecasting and other functions

3. Marketing optimization and creation of Amazon promotions and sponsored search

There are various ways in which you can use the data from Amazon seller central to enhance your Amazon business.

Not everyone needs to login to your Amazon seller central account to perform such tasks. You could have a specialised middleware for different activities. For e.g. you could use a SAAS Amazon marketing optimization software that will help you optimise your marketing campaigns. Or your could use your seller central data to feed into your accounting systems and business reconciliation and reporting.

You would usually follow one of the two parts to have applications running on top of your Amazon seller central account:

1. Readymade SAAS software that is provided by specialist vendors

2. Develop your own software using APIs and data extraction from the Amazon system

In order to protect the seller account, Amazon has a robust token management system

Following are the steps for generation and use of the Amazon token:

1. Identify your developer or software company that will be using the Amazon token as part of its data extraction and interaction process with the Amazon system

2. If it is a SAAS company they would already have been registered with Amazon as a developer. For other cases where you are getting the software developed yourself, the developer need to register with Amazon as a registered developer

3. You login to your seller central account and follow the steps to generate an Amazon token. You would need to enter the developers Amazon ID when generating the token.

Amazon Seller Central Login Page

Amazon Seller Central User Permission Page

Amazon Seller Central Apps Page

Amazon Seller Central New Developer Page

Add the developer name and developer id. If your developer is not Tigerpug then please do not put Tigerpug

Amazon Seller Central AWS Services

Amazon Seller Central Agreement Page

Amazon Seller Central MWS

What happens after the Amazon token is created?

The seller needs to provide this token to the developer who will use it as part of their authentication process to be able to interact with the Amazon system to extract data from the seller central account of the merchant. This token is used on an ongoing basis for authentication purposes and is built into the coding done by the developer. On expiration of the token, a new token would need to be generated.

In summary, Amazon tokens are an added security that Amazon provides sellers who wish to have their seller central account information accessed by third party apps or by their own customised software that they may have developed.

Getting an Amazon token is easy as long as you have the developer ID and this can only be possible if the developer or the app is registered with Amazon.

You need to take care not to pass the token to anyone else because it cannot be used by any non-registered developer or app.

Use of third party apps and customized development can help you better manage your ecommerce business on marketplaces like Amazon.

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