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Our Values

Our business is built around our loyal customers. 

We are a customer-centric organization where the customer needs are the primary focus. We do not undertake projects and tasks without fully understanding the customer's business objectives as we need to work with our customers as their partners. Not as suppliers who want to make short-term business profits.


Our organization is built on trust, integrity, transparency, and equal opportunity and by putting our clients' needs first, ahead of our business goals.


All businesses need to operate profitably to sustain themselves in the long term. While we are customer-centric, we also appreciate customers who understand that a long-term relationship is built when all parties gain and have mutual respect.


As a customer of Tiger Pug, you can be assured that the core values that we stand for will not be compromised. If you have any questions or feedback, please write to the Founder-Director at  or WeChat tiger pug.

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