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Product Sourcing Services 

As a manufacturer or trader or new brand , you may need to source products from India , Vietnam, Srilanka and China

Sourcing from Asia  is an opportunity as well as a challenge

An opportunity because you can buy millions of products from these countries. A challenge because with such a wide choice of manufacturers and traders, it is difficult to navigate through the plethora of options

As a trader or business that needs to make purchases from multiple suppliers in Asia, you will find the services from Tiger Pug China to be of great use


With offices and representatives in India, Singapore, China and Vietnam , you will get the service you need


Our product sourcing service is focussed on getting custom product development based on your specifications, And is for consumer products only 

Our founders have lived and done business in USA, Singapore, China and India and understand the cultural nuances as well as the local regulations and guidelines. And our group companies have been providing services to several large and medium multinational domestic firms for two decades


Within the group, Tiger Pug China is a young organization, established with the intent to provide high quality and personalized sourcing services to organizations in USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Singapore, ASEAN, Australia and India


You can benefit from our services if you have of the following needs

  1. If you are an innovator looking to create a new product

  2. If you are a brand seeking to create line extensions

  3. If you are a USA brand seeking to diversify your sourcing options

  4. Your are a global company wishing to procure centrally and have your multi country offices get procurement economies of scale

  5. If you need a dedicated sourcing team set up in India, Vietnam or China for your procurement

Our teams are fluent in English and follow processes that are jointly agreed before any project is undertaken


Contact Tiger Pug today for your product sourcing 


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