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Importer of Record (IOR) Services 

As an international or overseas seller or brand, you may aspire to sell your products in countries like China, India, USA, Singapore and in the Middle East

Importing products and selling on local online marketplaces may require you to have a local presence and a local registered company. And to be compliant by paying customs duties and local taxes such as GST (Goods & Services Tax)


As an Importer of Record, TigerPug can offer you the service of import and sell your products on various online marketplaces in the following countries


1. India
2. China
3. USA
4. Singapore
5. UAE (Serving Gulf Countries)


In other select countries we are able to provide IOR services through our local partnerships

Importer of Record Services are offered by TigerPug only to reputed companies and brands and are executed with full legal compliance


As an Importer of Record we can also pay the local customs duties as the importer and further assist you in selling your products on online marketplaces in India, China, USA, Singapore and UAE


To know more about our IOR services please write to or wechat TigerPug


Call us on

India : +91 22 66 77 3007
Singapore : +65 83886673
USA : +1 212 380 1356
China : +86 188 1322 8742


IOR services are particularly good if you want to sell your products cross border on marketplaces like Amazon, TaoBao, Paytm, Lazada and others


We also provide Seller of Record Services to assist you in selling your products under our nominated local company thereby enabling the option to collect local payments and settlement before remitting the funds to your company through official channels

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