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Cross Border eCommerce

Cross Border Ecommerce is a Great Way for Brands to Enhance Business


Tiger Pug works with brands and international exporters and sellers to facilitate sale of their products on online platforms like Amazon.


We provide services including Importation, Importing Agent (Importer of Record), Facilitation of Product Certification, Customs Clearance and Delivery into the Fulfilment Centers including Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA)

If you are an international brand and would like to have your products sold online in India on online platforms in India or  Singapore , we can work with you as the importer and local seller.


We also support our cross-border ecommerce brands with ancillary services like customer care, reviews response management, blogs, content creation, site listing management and more. Our back office in India enables international online sellers to outsource their back office to our India centers


To know more about how we can sell your products on online marketplaces like Amazon, Lazada and others  in India and Singapore , please write to or whatsapp +65 83886673 or wechat tigerpug or if in USA, call 212 380 1356

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