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Sell Indian Brands in Africa on Jumia Global

Tiger Pug Export Services for Indian and Made in India Brands enables brands to export to and sell into Africa on Jumia Global.


Expanding into new markets can be of great use to Indian brands looking to grow globally. Africa presents a promising market, and platforms like Jumia Global offer a gateway to reach millions of consumers.


Tiger Pug, a Cross Border eCommerce company, specializes in facilitating the entry of Indian brands and 'Made in India' products into overseas markets including Africa through Jumia Global. with a suite of services including export, logistics, and listing on Jumia, Tiger Pug is poised to assist Indian brands in tapping into this lucrative market.

The Opportunity in Africa

Africa's consumer market is rapidly evolving, with a burgeoning middle class and increased internet penetration driving the demand for diverse products. Jumia Global, Africa's largest online marketplace, operates in 8 African countries, offering Indian brands access to a vast customer base. These countries include Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, and Uganda.


How Tiger Pug Facilitates Market Entry

Tiger Pug acts as a strategic partner for Indian brands aiming to navigate the complexities of selling on Jumia Global in Africa. Here's how their services make it seamless:


Export and Logistics

Navigating international trade can be daunting, but Tiger Pug streamlines the export process for Indian brands. From managing customs and documentation to ensuring smooth logistics, they handle the intricacies of shipping products from India to Africa efficiently and cost-effectively.

Listing and Selling on Jumia Global

Getting products listed on Jumia Global is pivotal, and Tiger Pug will do this for the brand. Their team helps Indian brands create compelling listings optimized for the African market, ensuring visibility and desirability among potential customers.


Market Insights and Localization

Understanding African consumer preferences is crucial for success. Working with the Jumia Global Selling team, Tiger Pug can offer insights into local market trends, helping Indian brands tailor their offerings to match the preferences and cultural nuances of each country. This localization strategy enhances brand relevance and fosters greater acceptance among African consumers.


Leveraging Jumia Global's Reach

Jumia Global's extensive reach across Africa presents an unparalleled opportunity for Indian brands. Brands can leverage this platform to showcase 'Made in India' products to a diverse audience, capitalizing on Jumia's robust infrastructure and marketing channels to drive sales.

Why Choose Tiger Pug?

  • Expertise: A deep understanding cross border e-commerce 

  • Efficiency: Their streamlined processes and logistics ensure swift and hassle-free operations.

  • Tailored Approach: Tiger Pug crafts tailored strategies for each brand, recognizing the uniqueness of their products and market positioning.

  • Comprehensive Support: From export to listing and selling, Tiger Pug offers end-to-end support, simplifying the entire journey for Indian brands.


Get in Touch

For Indian brands seeking to explore the African market through Jumia Global, Tiger Pug is the gateway to success. To learn more about their services and how they can assist in expanding your brand's presence in Africa, reach out to

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