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Custom Weaves
Choose your Style, Size, Design, Materials and Colours of Rugs to Order

Tiger Pug offers Custom Made Rugs to businesses in multiple countries . 



We are able to customise the following 


  1. Design

  2. Size

  3. Colour

  4. Shape

  5. Materials 


The process is


  1. Design inspiration based on your vision and preferences

  2. Matching with the place where the rugs will be placed

  3. Decision making on shape, size, materials 

  4. Sharing of potential designs

  5. Creation of time and cost estimates 

  6. Production

  7. Reporting of progress

  8. Finishing 

  9. Packaging

  10. Transport

  11. Customs clearance and delivery

  12. Whether you are a furniture store, an online business, an interior designer, an artist, an influencer, a hospitality business procurement manager, an architect working on a large project or an individual seeking to get custom made rugs made for your own use or for resale, you can contact Tiger Pug to source custom made rugs


We have inhouse designers as well as can work with your designers to conceptualise, create and produce custom made rugs that suit you, your home, your office or your clients homes or offices 


Contact Tiger Pug today to get your dream custom rugs made

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