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USA Packaged Food Products Manufacturers - do you want a share of the growing Indian market?

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Glass Containers

India is a growing market. Growing in Indian Market with a population of over 1 Billion and Growing, it cannot be ignored.

We invite you to Make in India.

But before you reach a decision to Make in India, you could test the market and come in with your brands produced in USA.

We can assist you with import and resale of products on online marketplaces.

Here are some tips for you relating to the import and labelling of products.

When exporting food products to India make sure of the following:

1. Your Importer has a FSSAI license to sell food products

2. Your Importer has an IEC code (Import Export Code)

3. The following are included in the labels for your food products

a) Manufacturer Name and Address

b) Importers Name and Address

c) Description of Products

d) Batch number

e) Manufacturing date

f) Expiry date

g) Country of Origin (Made in which country)

h) Net Weight

i) Gross Weight

j) FSSAI logo

k) FSSAI License number of importer

l) Ingredients list

m) Logo (colour) indicating Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian

n) Nutrients

o) Advice on Allergies

p) Declaration regarding Food Additives

q) Declaration about Food colours and/or Flavours with the chemical reference numbers

r) Instructions for use

s) Consumer care information including email and phone number

4. Make sure your products fall in one of the 15 categories that are allowed without a specific permit

5. Allow for adequate time for products to be tested when they arrive at customs

6. Make sure your packaging is as per standard

To know more about how you can export and resell your products to consumers in India contact Tiger Pug.

Call USA 212 380 1356

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