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How Amazon USA and Singapore sellers can sell their products on Amazon India

Updated: Jan 10

As an Amazon seller in the US or Singapore, you would definitely benefit from expanding your geographical presence and selling on various international Amazon platforms including Amazon UK, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Singpaore, Middle East and India

Sell on Amazon

The key difference between other markets and India is that the Indian laws do not allow a foreign company to sell direct to Indian consumers if they are transacting within the country. And the Indian Rupee is not freely convertible – though it can be converted and remitted for all legal imports subject to various FEMA guidelines

One-By-One sales to Indian Consumers

If Indian consumers buy products from overseas they can surely import these under their own name after paying customs duties and completing the know your customer (KYC) form. The process is handled the courier company that is providing the import service

The Customer Issue

This model of one by one also knows as merchant fulfilled network (MFN) is not really a preferred option for the following reasons:

1. High cost of courier

2. Time lag between the time the order is placed and the order is received

3. Potential delays at Customs if the product has some issues or is unacceptable for any reason

4. The biggest problem for any exporter/seller of using the one-by-one method is that if the consumer returns the goods then the goods have to be abandoned and cannot find their way back into the inventory of the seller

The Alternate Solution

If you are an Amazon USA or Amazon Singapore Seller, you can now sell your products on Amazon India using FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon)

This is done by first exporting your goods to an authorized importer who can clear customs, pay duties and then be the reseller of your goods on Amazon India

Tiger Pug provides international Amazon sellers from USA, Singapore and other markets the ability to sell to Indian consumers on Amazon India using the Fulfilled By Amazon(FBA) system. Under this process, the Amazon USA seller can export the goods to Tiger Pug India who will pay the customs duties, surcharges and IGST and then list the products on

The FBA Process

Goods are exported and imported legally and with fully customs declarations, duties, certifications and all other statutory compliance. Once the goods are imported, the title of goods transfers to Tiger Pug Indian company and as such they are then listed on Amazon India under a specific account opened by the import company.

For convenience if the products are already listed on, it will be easier to list the same products using the same ASIN. For brands with a good track record and a USA Amazon Brand Store, there could also be a possibility to create the brand store on Amazon India for the same products

The Import Transaction

The transaction is conducted by the importer and reseller who collects the money, pays the taxes to the government and pays the Amazon fees and other charges. The importer is responsible for settling all import invoices of the exporter within the statutory timelines given by the Central Reserve Bank of India

India Entry for Brands

Typically this arrangement works well for brands that would like to enter India and have their products sold exclusively on . Tiger Pug is a well-established, experienced and reliable import and reselling company that has an excellent track record and financial capabilities to be able to undertake the import and resale of goods on

Start with Consulting and Strategic Planning

Tiger Pug also provides consulting services for USA brands as a precursor to their export and sale of goods in India. This consulting covers market knowledge, strategy, taxation, compliance, import formalities, certifications, other regulatory compliance and pricing

Tiger Pug for Implementation

Once you have decided the way forward for your brands and products to be sold on Amazon India, you can work with Tiger Pug as the importer and local reseller on

To know more about how Tiger Pug can help you import your products into India for further resale on, please contact Tiger Pug via email at or Whatsapp +65 83886673 or if in USA, please call 212 380 1356 or submit your interest via

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