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Fashioning Change: Indian Sustainable Clothing Brands on the Global Runway

Updated: Mar 15


In the vibrant tapestry of global fashion, a profound shift is underway—one that combines style with sustainability. As the world embraces eco-conscious choices, Indian sustainable clothing brands are taking center stage on the global runway. At Tiger Pug, our mission is to bridge the gap between these innovative Indian brands and large-scale international businesses, fostering a transformative partnership that transcends borders.

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Section 1: The Rise of Sustainable Fashion in India

In the bustling streets of India, where tradition meets modernity, a new wave of fashion is emerging—one that is rooted in sustainability. Brands like FabIndia, Anokhi, and Khadi Nation are leading the charge, weaving together ethical practices, traditional craftsmanship, and contemporary designs. From handloom textiles to organic cotton garments, these brands epitomize the rich tapestry of sustainable fashion products sourced from India.


Section 2: Tiger Pug's B2B Approach

Enter Tiger Pug, a dynamic B2B import-export company that stands as a gateway for large international businesses seeking to incorporate Indian sustainable clothing brands into their offerings. Our focus is clear: connect global enterprises with reputable Indian manufacturers, facilitating a seamless exchange of high-quality, eco-friendly fashion products.


Section 3: Targeting Global Giants

In the world of B2B dealings, size matters. Tiger Pug strategically targets large companies, the giants of the industry, ensuring that the impact of sustainable fashion is felt on a global scale. From multinational retailers to fashion conglomerates, our aim is to empower these major players to make a substantial difference in their product offerings.


Section 4: A Worldwide Canvas

The beauty of sustainable fashion knows no borders, and neither does Tiger Pug's reach. Our capability to target worldwide consumers enables us to bring the essence of Indian sustainability to every corner of the globe. Whether it's the bustling streets of New York or the fashion capitals of Europe, Indian sustainable clothing brands have a place on the international stage.


Section 5: Products and Brands: Showcasing the Best of India

Let's delve into the diverse array of sustainable fashion products that Tiger Pug offers:


Handloom Textiles:

Brands like FabIndia showcase the intricate artistry of handloom textiles, offering a range of garments that seamlessly blend tradition with modern aesthetics. Large retailers overseas can tap into this timeless craftsmanship.


Organic Cotton Garments:

Khadi Nation pioneers the use of organic cotton, creating comfortable and sustainable clothing options. Tiger Pug facilitates the seamless import of these eco-friendly pieces for international retailers looking to embrace conscious consumerism.


Eco-Friendly Footwear:

Beyond clothing, brands like Ethicus are making strides in sustainable footwear. Tiger Pug enables global retailers to step into the world of ethical fashion with these eco-conscious shoe options.


Artisanal Embroidery and Designs:

Anokhi, renowned for its hand-block printing and vibrant designs, brings a touch of Indian artistry to sustainable fashion. Tiger Pug ensures that these unique creations find their way to international markets.


Section 6: Facilitating Overseas Reselling


For retailers overseas looking to join the sustainable fashion movement, Tiger Pug acts as a strategic partner. We not only facilitate the purchase of these products but also provide guidance on reselling strategies. Our experienced team assists in navigating the intricacies of cross-border trade, ensuring a smooth process from procurement to retail.



In the realm of sustainable fashion, Tiger Pug stands as a catalyst for change—a bridge that connects the ethos of Indian craftsmanship with the global demand for ethical and eco-friendly products. As we fashion this change together, the runway becomes a symbol of not just style, but also a collective commitment to a sustainable and harmonious future. Join us at Tiger Pug as we weave a story of fashioning change, one stitch at a time.


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