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Can you run an online business in Singapore using Drop Shipping as a supply chain model ?

Updated: Jan 10

As an entrepreneur and even an existing brand, you can look at drop shipping as a supply chain model

Specially for Singapore, where the number of transactions may be relatively low compared to other more populous countries and it makes sense to offer a broader range of merchandise without actually investing a lot in inventory

Many furniture stores in Singapore actually follow a drop shipping model where they take customer orders and then get the products from China, Indonesia, Malaysia and India. This model can work for IT products, pet accessories, clothing and more

Drop Shipping

You could possibly do an online business that is based on drop shipping and have a sourcing agency in China that can supply you the products

However here are some of the constraints of using a pure drop shipping model

1. Cost of one by one procurement

2. Cost of quality control

3. Timelines and reliability of supply

4.Customs duties and clearance in the receiving country

5. Price fluctuations

6.Product differentiation

7. Ability to do custom packaging

8. Fakes and Copyright infringements

9. Time from procurement to fulfilment to customer

10.Language issues specially for user manuals and guides

To know more about how your Singapore business can expand its merchandise selection using drop shipping please write to or whatsapp +6583886673

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