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Exciting Jobs @ Tiger Pug 

At Tiger Pug our fundamental belief is that all humans would like to learn and have an environment that encourages learning and provides autonomy and independence in the workplace. We are a secular and equal opportunities employer. 

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Current Jobs

We currently have the following job opportunities 

Intern - Project: Sustainable and Social Cause Related Sourcing to support ESG initiatives of large companies.

Tiger Pug is a cross border commerce company that is promoting Made in India products through its IndiaKa initiative. 


We are seeking interns to work with us on the following:


  1. Identifying sources of products (raw materials and finished goods) made by social or economically developing or backward communities.

  2. Engaging with them to understand more about their products, the supply chain, quality, and suitability for corporate purchase.

  3. Setting up agreements and supply arrangements including commercial terms with identified sources

  4. Identifying corporate buyers who would potentially purchase goods and services from our identified sources.

  5. Setting up communication channels with prospects 



If you are enthusiastic about sustainability and passionate about creating a platform to connect communities with corporations in India and overseas, please apply for the internship.


The positions are based in Mumbai. Interns will be expected to travel and meet with communities identified across India.


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