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How Overseas Brands Can Provide Sample Products to Consumers in India

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

India is a fast growing consumer market

By various estimates India is the 6th largest economy in the world (as of August 2022) and has tremendous growth ahead of it

With over 1.2 Billion population, it provides several international brands an opportunity to expand

India Entry Channels

As an overseas brand you can sell in India using one or more of the routes below

  1. Establish your own entity in India and be an importer of your products . And then appoint distributors to sell to retailers and consumers

  2. Establish a representative office and appoint an importer and distributor(s) in India

  3. Appoint an importer and distributor in India without opening your own office

  4. Sell one by one from overseas using online channels (expensive and cumbersome for the consumer)

  5. Make in India and sell in India (No need for an Importer)

  6. License your brand to an Indian entity

Selling in India

Selling in India is a competitive business. Like in most developing and developed countries, cost of acquiring customers is increasing. And so is competition at all levels.

Sampling and Product Trial to Consumers in India

One of the key steps prior to your launching your product in India is product usage trial. You can get consumers in India to try your product before you decide to launch your brand on a full scale

How do you get your products into India for consumer and influencer trials

The best way to get your products into India is to get an Importer who will import your products for product sampling

Combine this with the appointment of a PR Agency or a Sampling Agency or an Influencer Marketing Agency in India

Tiger Pug group in India can help you with the process of importation of products to be given as samples to your prospective customers in India

To use India Sampling Services from Tiger Pug please write to

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