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Cross Border Commerce Specialist

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Cross Border Ecommerce Services by Tiger Pug India

Cross Border eCommerce and IOR Services 

We assist companies and brands export and sell on online platforms


If you would like to sell your products online in USA,  Singapore, India and China , we can assist you


100% compliance including importation, selling, taxation and legal

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Product Development and Sourcing for Brands  

Are you an innovator launching on platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter ? 

Or an established brand seeking to launch brand extensions 

Or a company seeking alternate countries to source from ?

We can assist 

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Global Fulfilment and Dropshipping

Do you have an Instagram Shop that needs to take orders and send them all over the world

Or a business that needs to send products to customers in multiple markets

Or seeking to use Free Trade Zones in India, China and Singapore

Ask us for ideas and quotations 




Welcome to Tiger Pug.


Tiger Pug is a cross border commerce company which has the following three primary services:


  1. Enabling cross border ecommerce between sellers and buyers in different countries

  2. Product sourcing for innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses

  3. Global fulfilment and drop shipping


Tiger Pug has its presence in Asia  in Singapore, India and China. 


We have an experienced team of professionals from the following disciplines:

  1. Cross border ecommerce

  2. Supply chain and logistics

  3. Customs clearing

  4. Product certification and testing


The above pool of talent and resources is extremely useful for any company that would like to enter into India and Singapore


It is also great for product innovators who launch their products on platforms like Indiegogo and Kick-starter.

To know more about how Tiger Pug can assist you in one or more of the areas mentioned above, please do contact us.

At Tiger Pug, we understand the challenges of cross-border commerce, and our experienced team of professionals specializes in various disciplines. Our experts in cross-border e-commerce, supply chain and logistics, customs clearing, and product certification and testing work together to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your business needs.

With our presence in Asia, specifically in Singapore, India, and China, Tiger Pug is well-positioned to assist companies looking to enter the Indian and Singaporean markets. Our local knowledge and established networks enable us to navigate the complexities of these markets, ensuring a smooth entry and sustainable growth for your business.

In addition to supporting established companies, Tiger Pug is also the ideal partner for product innovators launching their creations on platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter. We offer product sourcing services, ensuring that entrepreneurs and businesses have access to high-quality components and materials necessary for their innovative ideas.

Whether you require assistance with cross-border e-commerce, supply chain management, customs procedures, or product sourcing, Tiger Pug is here to help. Contact us today to explore how our team of professionals and extensive resources can support your business goals and drive your success in the global marketplace.

Special Initiatives

Special Initiatives

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Consumer Services :  


A 302 Dipti Classic, 32/34 Suren Road

Andheri East, Mumbai , India 400093

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