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Global Fulfilment and Drop-Shipping

As a retailer or online seller, you may want to increase your product offering without holding large amounts of inventory. You have the customers and you have a good understanding of what your customers want.


Now all you need is the merchandise to be sold. And you do not want to invest in large quantities of inventory. That’s when you want a reliable drop shipping company that can provide you with the merchandise you need once you have sold it to your customers.


Drop-shipping has its advantages and needs to be handled with great care. You need to have a reliable source of products. That’s where Tiger Pug comes in as your drop shipping partner.


If you would like to get a drop shipping partner in India, Singapore or China, contact us.


We will provide you with a dedicated account management team to work with you to create your drop-shipping program.

Global Fulfilment

As a business engaged in selling products online and across the world, you may be getting your products made in India, Vietnam or China.


You can set up a global fulfilment process whereby your products are sent to your customers across the world without having to first move them to your country.


Products are manufactured and kept in one central location – once orders come in from different locations, these would be fulfilled to the respective locations and countries. This is subject to export requirements and documentation and processes.


This service can also be used if you have created a world shop on your online marketplace.

Or if you have a business set up through crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter.


For your global fulfilment needs please contact Tiger Pug.

Cross Border eCommerce Logistics 

As part of our branded e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce services, we offer brands and companies export and logistics services.


Cross Border e-commerce is growing and brands and manufacturers can take advantage of this.


Through our alliance with several logistics partners, we can provide services related to exports and export logistics.


This also includes customs clearance in countries where we operate and last-mile logistics.

We are also able to provide logistics support for Cross Border Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) into several Amazon Cross Border e-commerce enabled countries including the USA and India.

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